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Month: May, 2013

The 22nd of May

At the end of the day they peeled off their
crusted stockings, furrowed in
blankets, the soft soiled bedding of
stuffy dens, gasped for air
sweat and sleep on the first
dense night of summer, one sore pair of ankles
for every room in the city.


Leopard seals: A troubling nuisance

The following contains material from a recent talk with a chinstrap penguin, interviewed near his summer home on the shore of the Ross Sea.

“It were horrible,” said Moe the penguin on a gusty, frigid Wednesday. “I were just mindin’ me own fish business, and it were clear water all the way to icy bottom as my mama once said, but outta left nowhere comes they spots, big-n-fast like a ghoul from Hell, an’ she goes toothin’ at my feets.”

Moe shivered, despite being a penguin. “I no like they spots,” he murmured through the wind. “I no like they pointy teeths.”