Why I Still Avoid Dark Water: A radio story from my childhood

by mammalfish

My family is an adventurous bunch. (This past weekend, on a single day, I went kayaking with manatees and flying in a 4-seater plane with my aunt, uncle, and little cousin. Some people plan for retirement, my aunt plans to sail around the world. Everyday stuff for this clan.)

I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Their unending love for the sea, and our eternal pilgrimages to it, have made me who I am. But there’s a sort of truism about adventures, isn’t there, that sometimes they’re glorious and swashbuckling, but sometimes they test you. Hobbits know this well. Adventures can bring you to dark places. They bring you to the dens of monsters.

Recently some friends of mine, who make a truly excellent podcast, invited me to tell them a story. They make brilliant things happen with music and words, so I gave them a story I’ve been waiting to tell since I was 15, when I stepped into the den of a monster. I wrote and spoke, they edited and musicked, and the result is the best creative work I’ve ever done. Please give it a listen:

Many thanks to William Nava and John Passaro for this incredible thing that we made.